Sunday, January 29, 2012

Death Metal cosplay contest

The Franchi twins' winning submission
A while ago (mid-to-late December of 2011, I believe), I had an idea; one of those crazy sort of "what if" thoughts that refuses to fade away. This idea, driven by a desire to see what visual concepts the theme/story of Death Metal put into peoples' minds, took its roots in my love of the outfits that cosplayers from sci-fi, horror, anime, and other such conventions wore to show off their love/loyalty.

"Well why the hell can't Death Metal get in on that sort of excitement?" I asked myself.

So I went about setting up a contest where readers & those interested in trying their cosplaying abilities. Contestants were given one month to set up, plan, and execute a photo shoot (each group being allowed to submit up to three pictures to be considered).

The other day (1/27/2012) marked the deadline for submissions and, over the course of that night, a winning photo was determined.

Enter Brittany and Chelsea Franchi (appropriately known within their community as "The Twin Cosplayers").

Along with their phenomenal photographer, Maurice Ensell, the twins took the concept of a girl struggling with her inner demons to an exciting and awe-inspiring visual level. In their winning submission, the darker-self (Chelsea) seems to be coming out of the victim (Brittany) and looming over her, taking an already dark and foreboding subject and making it all the more haunting. To top it all off, the sisters were kind enough to include a quote from one of the novel's songs, Wings, to the photo to enhance its overall effects.

The sisters (19) have been cosplaying at anime conventions for the past four years. They attribute their sources of inspiration as mostly anime & manga (a favorite title being the action/adventure, vampire-driven series, Blood+) as well as movies in general.

When asked if they had any shoutouts, they had this to say:
"We'd like to thank both our photographer, Maurice Ensell, and our big sister, Tiffany Franchi, for helping us out. Without them this wouldn’t have been possible."

For their exceptional efforts, the twins will each be receiving an autographed copy of Death Metal as well as having their winning submission featured on my author page and a role in some upcoming promotional projects.

You can find both the twins and their photographer on Facebook at the following:

-The Franchi sisters:
-Maurice Ensell:

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