Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DmC5 uproar...? Really??

Alright! So a great deal of debate and *ahem* controversy has been orbiting about the gaming universe since the first images of the Devil May Cry franchise’s new installment first hit. From there, the anger and venomous comments have only escalated to the point that I’ve come to question our generation’s priorities (I mean, people seem more concerned about an aesthetic tweak to a gaming icon than, say, EVERYTHING ELSE ON THE GODDAM PLANET).

But this is beside the point. After all, the internet has given everybody with a connection the ability to voice their opinions and, with this monumental and ground-breaking influential power, most have chosen to complain about movies and video games and harass one another to the point where you can’t go a week without another, even-younger child killing themselves because the new generation is saturated with cruel and hateful monsters.


So when the DmC game was passed over to the European developers famous for Ninja Gaiden, I was intrigued. First and foremost, I AM a vampire enthusiast, so I don’t personally view a character tweak that makes him look “vampiric” as a negative (but that’s hardly the point). While the fighting platform has been maintained (and, furthermore, added upon), the modifications to the character of Dante and, concurrently, the flood of criticism and poorly-worded rants tend to ignore the obvious fact that the character is CLEARLY younger than any of his past installments. Noticing this, I’ve been thinking from day #1 that this game is serving as an origin story for Dante (pre-DmC3—note that NOWHERE have we seen evidence of the shop that the game gets its namesake from).

Today, doing a li’l snooping, I came across this trailer that was recently released and, lo-and-behold, in the closing half we clearly see Dante’s hair shifting from the NEW black to the OLD white/silver. While I’m not about to pretend to know what the developers’ intentions are at this point, the evidence is piling up in favor of my suspicions.

Either way, people, to get this worked up over a game is ridiculous and, moreover, kinda sad. I can almost guarantee that nobody would give a shit if some epic and classic piece of literature was being modified to appeal to a new generation, but the moment we give Dante a dye-job you’d think that the entire gaming population was ready to wage Wold War 3—thank the heavens the new Modern Warfare game is out or they might make it a reality to sate their nearly insatiable blood-lust.

So let’s all have a deep breath, drink ourselves some herbal tea, recite some peaceful mantas, and try to remember—for what I’m guessing is the first time in a long time—what’s REALLY important in the world.

Hell, wouldn’t it suck to get so worked up over this and lose precious years off your life from the resulting stress only to discover that maybe the professionals knew what they were doing all along?

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