Monday, June 09, 2014

Have You Been Stupid Today?

As rare and stupendous TRUE intelligence is in this day and age, I can't help but feel that those that pride themselves as intellectuals rob themselves of the pleasures and memories to be had in good, old-fashioned stupid fun.
Now, I'm not advocating that the masses go play in the middle of the highway (though I certainly won't stop those that get that from this; world will certainly not stutter on its axis at their becoming a stain in a plucky trucker's grill), but I am saying that the laughter to be elicited from putting double-sided tape on a cat's paws or the childish giggles to be had from contorting one's genitals to resemble a stern billy-goat is, to apply a culinary twist on the act, quite delicious. These moments, when shared with somebody who one can feel truly comfortable sharing a moment of euphoric stupidity with, are undeniably irreplaceable, as well.
So many consider--and so many more will preach--how the actions of their life will be reflected upon when one is on their death bed. The number of times that some existential prude with an infected ass-hair has spat at me the parroted nonsense of "What will you think of [this piercing]//[that tattoo]//[this action]/[that person]//[whatever piece of my life they feel worked-up about to demand immediate long-term reflection for] when you're old and dying??" has driven me less to dwell on their pontifications and more on a raw curiosity of how empty their own reflections will be when their own mortality comes creeping up on them.
Personally, I can only hope to have lived a life so rich in both glee and regret that, when the time for reflection comes, I'd have but only a moment to spare on any one act/event. In short: I'd sooner know a lifetime of regret and failure than one of mediocrity and boredom.
And, that being the basis for my personal pride on the day the Reaper's scythe swings for me, I can say with all sincerity--and as a tried-and-true intellectual--that I cherish everything I've done with my life thus far; both brilliant and blatantly stupid.
Now there is but one question to dwell upon: have you done something stupid today that you'll cherish for the rest of your days?

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